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Plant Selection Designer's Choice in North Adams, MA | MOUNT WILLIAMS GREENHOUSES INC
Plant Selection
Designer's Choice
Surprise all your plant-loving friends with this Designer’s Choice just because! Send them a beautiful plant that’s made perfectly for them by our expert florists. We know the perfect plant to prepare that your friends are sure to love. Surprise them today!
Shown at $70.00
Shown at $70.00
PEACE LILY PLANT    Spathiphyllum clevelandii  in North Adams, MA | MOUNT WILLIAMS GREENHOUSES INC
Spathiphyllum clevelandii
The peace lily plant brings peace and harmony to any space. These plants thrive in shady areas and tolerate fluorescent lights, making them perfect for experienced or newbie plant owners. Give this plant as a gift to convey hope and love. Choose one of our three sizes: 6" (STD), 8" (DLX), 10" (PREM).
Shown at $80.00
Shown at $80.00
Ceramic Bowl Dish Garden in North Adams, MA | MOUNT WILLIAMS GREENHOUSES INC
Ceramic Bowl
Dish Garden
A medley of lush green houseplants in a classic ceramic bowl make up this gift, perfect for the home or office. Transplant the individual plants as they outgrow the container for a gift that brings a smile for years to come. *Plant varieties will vary based on availability.
Shown at $95.00
Shown at $95.00
Plants liven up the room and are wonderfully enduring gifts that show how much you care anytime of year! Your local flower shop, MOUNT WILLIAMS GREENHOUSES INC of North Adams, MA can help you choose the perfect indoor plant variety for anyone or any occasion. With just a little TLC, your gift of live plants can flourish and bring continued enjoyment year after year. Browse our selections for identification of tropical and exotic plants, including colorful Bromeliad and dramatic Dracaena, as well as traditional favorites, like the easy-to-care-for Pothos, Philodendron, etc. Send a living message today with a plant from MOUNT WILLIAMS GREENHOUSES INC.